Power Flushing in Burnley

DEPHER CIC are widely regarded as the local experts for power flushing in Burnley, with hundreds of homes so far benefiting from improved heating efficiency as a result of our expertise and technical know-how. As we operate a company policy which involves only employing experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers, when it comes to central heating system flushing DEPHER CIC should be your first and only choice.

DEPHER CIC provide power flushing in Burnley and throughout the surrounding areas

Can my Heating System Benefit from a Power Flush?

Your heating system may experience reduced efficiency as a result of a sludge and dirt buildup. Your central heating system itself may still have a problem even if your boiler is seemingly OK, usually manifested in the form of lukewarm radiators, or radiators which take a long time to heat up. Power flushing may be required if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Radiators taking a while to heat up
  • Water taking a while to heat up
  • Noisy central heating system

Get in Touch with DEPHER CIC

If you require power flushing in Burnley or the surrounding areas, call DEPHER CIC today. You’ll experience energy efficient heating once more as a result. Alternatively, complete the contact form provided and we will be in touch ASAP. Feel free to browse our other plumbing and heating services.

Benefits of Power Flushing

The last thing you need during the cold winter months is an unreliable supply of heating and hot water. Additionally, as a result of the heating system being placed under greater strain, your energy bills are likely to increase. Your energy bills will inevitably be at their lowest relative to energy usage after a power flush. If you’re suffering with unusually high energy bills, it’s imperative that you contact DEPHER CIC to perform a power flush to lighten the load.

To Summarise:

  • Energy bills are reduced
  • Radiators and water both heat up quicker
  • Improved temperatures
  • Performance is improved overall